Eye Level Burnaby Reading & Writing Summer Camp

Keep your studies up with Eye Level and make this a summer of success!

English Reading and Writing Club.

Combining Eye Level English curriculum, arts and technology, children will learn the  different parts of speech  and sentence building.  Using the skills they learn, students will write and illustrate a short story.  On the last day of camp, students will present their short stories to the class. Each student will bring home an unique copy of their creation and one additional copy will be made to donate to charity!  

Session A: Tuesday and Thursday in July (Jul 4,6,11,13,18,20,25 & 27), 2PM - 5:30 PM each day, 28 hours in total.

Session B: Tuesday and Thursday in August (Aug 1,4,8,10,15,17, 22, 24), 2PM - 5:30 PM each day, 28 hours in total.

Limited space, maximum 8 participants per session. $300 per session for New Eye Level member.